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The Box Lift is the most versatile and efficient tilt-free container delivery system available. The Box Lift is manufactured and engineered in the USA, and is designed to be gentle, strong, fast and dependable. 

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The Box Lift (formerly the Horizontal Lift) is a patented system that is designed to adapt to different portable storage containers with sizes up to 8 feet wide and 12' to 20 feet long, from multiple manufacturers, including ISO shipping containers.


Our lift is 100% hydraulically controlled, with easy-to-learn proportional remote controls and has a 13,000lb lifting capacity.


With The Box Lift, you will have the best horizontal lifting delivery system in the mobile storage industry. 

The Box Lift is the system for the serious operator.

Manufactured with Quality

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The Box Lift can transport loaded containers from 12' to 20' long from various manufacturers, including ISO shipping containers.


The quickest system there is.  Operation is simple and easy so you can get more done in a day. A system tailored for growth. 


The Box Lift's

13,000lb capacity is far surperior to any similar system.


The Box Lift is a strong and durable machine with a simple, low-maintenance design. Built for longevity in the USA, with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 

Can you buy the system and install yourself?

How it works: you provide the truck chassis to us, we fabricate and install the system onto your chassis. Installation is performed in the Southern United States. We do not sell the system alone or in pieces for assembly by others. 

What are the chassis requirements?

The system requires a chassis that is rated 30,000lb GVW or greater - so an operator is required to have a CDL license. Air brakes and air suspension are not a requirement, but they re highly recommended. Cab-to-axel length requirements with be provide to you. 

Can I buy a used system? 

From time to time we will offer used systems for sale for the sole purpose of providing a stepping stone for new operators that don't have a large enough budget for their first system. 

Can the system be mounted to a used truck?

Yes! Although we do recommend a new chassis for your system, you can have it installed on a used chassis that meets the frame requirements. We also recommend a cabover chassis, for the shortest wheelbase and best maneuverability. 

What is the lead time for a new system?

Typically, your build can be completed in 15 weeks. Your chassis is required by week 3 in order to not cause delays. However, some factors can affect this lead time, such as: production is at maximum capacity, or, backorder of components.

Are there any other distributors? 

All new systems, and parts are purchased directly from us. We are the only form of distribution for our patented product and are not interested in other distributors at this time. 

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